Overcoming disingenuous defences

At Flahive Law, we specialise in high value debt recovery and often hear common arguments across a series of cases.

One such argument is often raised by debtors who claim they did not sign the legal document from which the creditor seeks to obtain the outstanding payment.

Unlike many other legal teams, we are not perturbed by this line of defence and have enjoyed success at trial on a number of cases. On one occasion, our team was successful against a debtor who even had the benefit of a leading handwriting expert’s report in her favour.

At Flahive Law, we have the dedication and tenacity required to locate the contemporaneous evidence required to defeat such disingenuous defences, and have done so on numerous occasions.

In Flahive Law’s short history, our team has recovered more than £5 million in cash for its clients and secured over £9 million against assets in relation to debts that were viewed by the client as irrecoverable.

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A string of client success stories...

It has been a busy few months for everyone at Flahive Law, with a raft of new business coming in and existing clients remaining loyal to our proactive and experienced team.

Here are just a few of the client success stories we’re proud to share…

- Our team has successfully opposed a summary judgment application in respect of a claim for subrogation for a secured lender client on the basis of change of position and laches defence.

- We successfully assisted a developer client who was at risk of being landlocked. By seeking the intervention of the High Court, Manchester District Registry the developer client has had the opportunity to complete the development to an excellent standard and agreed sales on 100% of the development prior to practical completion.

- Our team was successful in obtaining a Freezing Injunction against a Bankrupt and his wife in respect of assets held out of jurisdiction in Norway for our client the Trustee in Bankruptcy.

- A worldwide Freezing Injunction was successfully obtained against debtors owing our clients' a six-figure sum, which enabled us to realise assets worth circa £2 million to discharge the clients' debt and legal costs. Our prompt action resulted in our clients' being secured first and will be the only creditor to make a recovery in this action.

- We secured Third Party Debt Orders and various other charges over numerous properties in respect of a debtor who had, among other offences, defrauded his creditors by laundering substantial sums of money. The police, who could not seize any assets because the debtor had pleaded mental incapacity, referred the matter to our team. By working with the Official Solicitor, we had the finding of the debtor’s mental incapacity overturned and successfully seized numerous assets and cash from various bank accounts.